Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is GreenSmart?
GreenSmart is a proprietary ingredient that enhances plant efficiency. Lawn and garden products with GreenSmart are able to direct nutrients where they’re needed most, stimulating root growth and improving the efficiency of the lawn or plant’s root system. These vigorous roots allow for better absorption of the nutrients essential to hearty plants. With better nutrient absorption, there’s less potential for nutrients to leach away, so plants are heartier and better able to sustain themselves in times of seasonal stress.
2. What can consumers expect from a lawn-care product with GreenSmart?
Consumers are thinking more sustainably these days and research indicates lawn care is evolving with the demand for more eco-conscious solutions on the upswing. Lawn fertilizer products with GreenSmart offer more eco-conscious homeowners the combination they’ve been looking for – outstanding performance with a fertilizer formulation that uses less nitrogen and no phosphate (except Starter Fertilizer formulation).
3. How are products with GreenSmart different from other lawn and garden products?
Lebanon Seaboard Corporation is a trusted lawn and garden product manufacturer with over sixty years of experience, and has taken a leadership role in the development of GreenSmart. With GreenSmart we’ve created an ingredient that promotes better plant nutrition with less impact on the environment than traditional lawn and garden products that can sometimes be high in nitrogen and phosphorus. Because the nutrient content is less in the base fertilizer formulations (up to 30% less), and because it enhances nutrient absorption efficiency, nutrients are less likely to leach into waterways.
4. What products is GreenSmart found in?
GreenSmart can currently be found in select lawn fertilizer products. In the very near future, you’ll be able to find it in many other quality lawn and garden products, throughout the U.S. Check the featured products section on the home page, for regular updates.
5. What makes fertilizer with GreenSmart Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizer, a good nutritional choice for my lawn?
Fertilizers with GreenSmart begin with less synthetic ingredients than more traditional lawn fertilizers, yet are able to produce similar results. That’s because the GreenSmart ingredient works to help plants optimize the absorption of nutrients, making the plants more efficient. Better nutrition for your lawn sets it up for longer term good health and makes it better able to withstand the stresses from heat, drought, and traffic.
6. How do GreenSmart products make plants more drought tolerant?
Nutrients in GreenSmart promote the development of deeper roots for a lawn that needs less watering. The roots are better able to access water within the lawn ecosystem, as well as retain water. This improved water retention leads to grass that’s more heat and drought tolerant requiring less action on the part of the homeowner to water it. Not only does this make it easier on the user, but water conservation is always a positive for the environment and consumers’ wallets.
7. Where can I purchase GreenSmart products?
GreenSmart products can be found in Independent Garden Centers, online through the and at some mass retailers such as select Lowes stores.
8. Are there special application instructions for lawn and garden products with GreenSmart?
Lebanon Seaboard recommends always reading the spreader settings found on the product label for best results. Application may vary depending on the specific product and size quantity of the bag.
9. Do I need to be concerned with my pet after applying the lawn fertilizer product with GreenSmart?
Follow the instructions on the package related to cautions for pets. Generally, pets can access a treated lawn, once the fertilizer dust has settled.