How it Works

A heartier lawn and garden starts with good plant nutrition

Rich, nutritious soil is a big part of a thick, green lawn and beautiful garden. Finally, there’s GreenSmart, an ingredient that not only revitalizes soil, helping make more nutrients available for stronger growth, but one that works synergistically with traditional fertilizer components, to promote a more balanced approach to lawn and garden care , setting both up for longer-term plant vitality.

Poor soil may have fewer of the nutrients needed to promote a vigorous lawn. GreenSmart Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizer works by enriching your soil with nutrients, to improve overall lawn and plant health.

GreenSmart revitalizes the soil, which aids in the development of larger, deeper, and better root system.

The enhanced habitat is proven to produce a green, thick, vigorous lawn and reduces the need for watering.

Look for lawn fertilizers with GreenSmart for a nutrient-rich lawn.

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