GreenSmart Products


Specialty and Plant Boost Products

New for Spring 2012!

The new GreenView Small Plant Food with GreenSmart line includes seven specialty plant food formulations: All-Purpose Plant Food, Tomato & Vegetable Food, Rose Food, Flower & Bulb Food, Azalea, Camellia & Rhododendron Food, Citrus & Avocado Food and Palm Food. The new line of specialty small plant foods is available in 4 lb. bag sizes, with the Tomato & Vegetable and All-Purpose Food products also available in a larger 8 lb. bag size.

In addition, you'll see GreenView Plant Boost in smaller grab n’ go sized pouches. These GreenSmart formulations come in four varieties: All-Purpose; Begonia, Impatiens, Marigolds & Pansies; Geraniums, Mums & Petunias; Zinnias.

GreenView Small Plant Food family

Lawn Fertilizers

Lawn fertilizer products with GreenSmart provide more eco-conscious homeowners the combination they’ve been looking for—an alternative lawn fertilizer that improves plant quality and strength by providing a better balanced approach to lawn care.

  • Uniquely nourishes lawn ecosystem to grow stronger, heartier grass plants
  • Provides dark green, lush lawn results that are guaranteed
  • Promotes speedy root growth to improve water and nutrient absorption
  • Builds stronger grass plants that need less watering because stronger, heartier lawns are better able
       to withstand stresses from heat and drought
  • No-Phosphate formulations, help protect our waterways
  • GreenSmart allows reduced nitrogen fertilizer formulations, with uncompromised performance.
       So the days of thinking that bigger Nitrogen (N) numbers being better, are gone!